Parents Cry Foul as Little Leaguer Gets Sued

Just when you think lawyers and people can’t get more ridiculous, here comes a story about Elizabeth Lloyd of New Jersey.  Why is this woman ridiculous? It seems the woman was picnicking near an enclosed Little League bullpen two years ago when an 11-year-old catcher, who was warming up a pitcher, overthrew a ball back to the pitcher. The pitcher missed the ball, and it hit Lloyd in the face. The woman did not think apologies were enough and two years later, Lloyd filed suit against the now 13-year-old  for more than $150,000 on the grounds that the kid purposely overthrew the ball with the intention of hitting her. Of course, that makes so much sense because we all know11-year-olds are perfect at baseball and never make mistakes.  I guess it also never occurred to the woman not to sit so close to the bullpen where the boys were practicing.  I should be more compassionate to the face-hurting woman, but I lost it when I read  that her husband is also suing the Little Leaguer because according to him, Elizabeth has not been able to satisfy him adequately since the incident.

Something tells me that neither one of them has satisfied the other in a very long time which is why they have to resort to frivolous law suits to get their jollies. The family of the boy is getting no help from Little League for this suit as the organization’s insurance covers coaches, players, umpires and even concession workers but not fans, who everyone assumes will stay alert when sitting in or near baseball fields where games or practices are taking place. I hope Karma comes back to bite this couple in the ass or at least hit them in the face again.  But  in the meantime, be prepared because spectators at kids’ sporting events might go the route of jungle gyms, high dives and pool slides if this frivolous lawsuit gets its day in court. As for the young defendant, he will have the opportunity to practice his comedy schtick. If he does meet his accuser again, he can legitimately say to her, “Does your face hurt? Well, it’s killing me.”


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5 thoughts on “Parents Cry Foul as Little Leaguer Gets Sued”

  1. Now I’ve heard (read?) everything. Someone should tell this woman to get a life, and, while she’s at it, some common sense and compassion.

    1. I know what you mean. I am usually not cynical, but when I read about how crappy people are, I have to root for the Mayans as I think we are beyond hope.

      1. It took TWO years to sue? How many lawyers did she have to see before finding someone willing to take the case? We are NOT beyond hope, but our society is trying to take us beyond responsibility!

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