Pick-Up Lines

When one of my Twitter friends asked for people’s favorite pick-up lines, I was initially intrigued. Going down that road would be a frivolous trip down a younger and thinner memory lane, right? I tried to jar my memory and take a trip on the wild side, but all I got was a Bee Gees’ flashback and the whiff of some bad 80’s perms (I’ll post that one day when I get over it). Insecurity hovered. Wasn’t I worthy of some great pick-up gems? And no, “Don’t I know you?” doesn’t count! It’s boring and so generic you could use it in church. Before I took the bridge or dove into my book of Cathy cartoons, I realized there were pick-up lines galore flying around my life but I was the one uttering them.

“Can you pick the kids up at the high school?”

“Can you pick up milk on the way home?”

“Can you pick me up? I had a stomach spasm doing sit-ups and am laying on the basement floor.”

My pick-up lines don’t involve tequila shots or happy hour specials but I have been known to get swept off my feet. Especially once the paramedics arrive.



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