President Roseann?

The news media says that President Obama and Mitt Romney are in an almost dead heat for the upcoming election.  Well, not to make things more complicated but this weekend in Los Angeles, the comedian and ex-sitcom star Roseann was nominated by the Peace and Freedom Party. I hope this kills all political apathy in this country because  even if one registered voter forgets to cast a ballot, she might be our new Chief.  Yes, not only will she be our first female president, but our first president to go by just one name.  This would upset me.  I was so rooting for a President Cher.

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11 thoughts on “President Roseann?”

  1. Or you could call her Barr, the President formerly known as Arnold . . . even worse . . . President Jovi!

  2. If Roseann becomes President, I sincerely hope that someone will tell her that she can’t decorate the White House with that old furniture from the set of the sitcom.

    1. Oh … and, above all, she will never, ever again be allowed to sing The National Anthem.

      1. I believe our current president is just known as “Obama”; few use his full name. Romney, however, appears to be called by his first, last, or cussed name equally!

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