Questions NOT for the Ages

1. If the Big Dipper were to tip over, would it pour water onto the earth?

2. If an astronaut gets burned out and quits, is he spaced out?

3. Why are there dippers in the sky in the middle of two bears? Did the bears get thirsty?

4. If the Big Bang didn’t make any sound because sound waves don’t travel in space, why don’t they call it the Silent Smack?

5. Do angels dance? If not, why are people concerned about how many of them could dance on the head of a pin?

6. Why do we call the sky the Heavens, but don’t call the middle of the earth the Hells?

7. When writers die, do they become ghost writers?

8. If a tree were to study its genealogy, would it call the resulting chart a family man?

9. If a man who hits on women is called a wolf, what do you call a wolf who hits on female wolves?

10. Why do idiots like me write silly things like this?

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