Rorschach Test: What Do You See?

I saw this picture on Pinterest and tracked its origin to Facebook, where it has created a lot of comments. It’s obviously a picture of a cute dog (named Fluffer), but some people see something else, maybe a “weiner” dog?


Or is it?
What Do You See?
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9 thoughts on “Rorschach Test: What Do You See?”

  1. Any one worth their weight in porn knowledge knows what a “fluffer” is. I’m starting to suspect that this is a fake dog pic. And the people who took are fetish perverts creepos. But I may be wrong… it could be the Phil Collin’s couple.

  2. I see, very clearly, a distraught man sleeping on the floor, probably because his wife remains angry over a gaffe she finds unforgivable. This man, he’s cold, but his wife threw all his clothing out the window. He had to grab a pink faux fur to sleep in.

    Think I know this man…

    His gaffe? All he did was tell a few people at a party, pretty sure I was one of the few people he told, that his wife loves dancing to Phil Collins.

    Big deal right? I don’t understand women sometimes.

    You know what’s weird, oddly when her husband sleeps on the floor in his wife’s pink fur, it kinda, just a little bit, sorta looks like a penis. Like he’s one of the parts needed to make an “Easy Lover” – Phil Collins sings that one.

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