School Two Easy For Kids

We don’t have time for television so we gave the TV to a charity shop. My time is pretty much taken up with Bon Jovi hating, trying to figure out how magnets work and reading books with ‘Die Bon Jovi Die’ in the title. Jill Y spends her time trying to change me into someone who isn’t completely worthless and that’s a full-time job. Little Dill Y is nearly 8 and he spends his time campaigning for the right to vote for 9-year-olds, the right to go to bed when he wants and the right stay up watching television when we tell him that it’s time for bed. We used to have a lot of time for television but one day we watched a so-called news item about education for kids and decided there and then, that television wasn’t for us:

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18 thoughts on “School Two Easy For Kids”

  1. Since the questioned title is above a picture of two children, I assume the person is dyslexic and meant “School easy for two kids”!

  2. What kind of institution is “School Two” and why is it easy for kids?

    Did “School Two” exist in earlier decades and, if it did, why didn’t my parents send me there where it was easy instead of piling me onto a bus and sending me to a school where we were expected to work for our grades?

  3. A question for you. As a woman who loves Bon Jovi, why do you hate him? Is it because all women find him hot, even as he ages? Or do you hate his music?

    1. Now that’s a question that Donna has asked me, numerous times and it’s a question that I won’t answer. It has to do with the so-called music though and not the so-called man. Having said that, the music is actually good for something. I used to teach music and would use their songs as an example of what music with a lack of any originality sounds like.

      1. Howard Stern disliked Jon Bon Jovi, too, for some reason that I never understood when I was still listening to Howard Stern, which I haven’t done for a long time now. My guess is that Bon Jovi did or said something to tick Mr. Stern off.

        Anyway, Bill, you are not alone in your Bon Jovi hating. You can count Howard Stern among your cohorts — or at least you could have back in the early 90s or thereabouts.

        1. I think you might have mentioned the Howard Stern thing before. I wouldn’t be very familiar with his stuff but sure we all like people we have things in common with.

          1. If you have never been exposed to Howard Stern on radio or television, you haven’t missed anything. His shock jock radio show was a very guilty pleasure for those of us who, although we were otherwise educated, civilized people, indulged in occasional dips into truly lowbrow entertainment.

  4. I laughed out loud but how sad that not one editor of that news picked that up. Apparently, the news people were among the throngs who were just promoted in school because they showed up once in a while. Is that FOX news? Must be.

    1. I just think it’s class that you used ‘throngs’ in your comment. I don’t know of an acronym for ‘standing up, applauding with mass respect’ but that’s what I’m doing right now!

      1. I agree Bill. Donna your use of the word “Throngs” reflects the fact that school is not easy. Now if you had written “Thongs” I would have agreed with Bill’s title.

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