Sealed with a Buss: when road signs go rogue

As an editor by day, I know that there is much debate about whether to spell the plural of bus as “buses” or “busses.” While they can go either way, the standard spelling is “buses.”

Which is why I chuckled a little bit when I saw this sign recently.

Busses sign
Busses or buses

Actually, when it comes to this sign, “busses” might refer to the archaic plural of making out, as buss is another term for kiss. I guess the area designated by the sign was only for people with mad sucking-face skills.

On a side note, I for one am glad that “buss” never really caught on as a term for “kiss,” as all of my favorite pop songs would be ruined: “Buss Me” (Sixpence None the Richer), “Buss from a Rose” (Seal), or “Buss on my List” (Hall & Oates).

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