Smartphone users have more sex because there’s an app for that.

A 2010 study performed by OKCupid showed that iPhone users have the most sex.

I forgot about this study when I recently upgraded my dumb phone to an iPhone, but suddenly as I flipped through the apps on the new contraption, I realized how this study could be true: Everyone lies.

Because I’m a woman and have an obsession with tracking my cycle, I downloaded a Period Tracker app and discovered you can monitor your menses as well as when you are intimate (natch!). The app can figure out when your next visit from Aunt Flo may come, but it can’t predict whether you’re going to get some, so you can pretty much lie to it.

For example, in my Period Tracker app, only one of these things is true:

And, I don’t want to brag, but I had a particularly good September:

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7 thoughts on “Smartphone users have more sex because there’s an app for that.”

  1. I just received my brand new iPhone via FedEx. I can’t wait to pretend to have the love life I always dreamed of. 😉 😀

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