Sometimes the question is written all over your face

Decisions have consequences, actions have reactions and Bon Jovi make me sick. This is just the way it is and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. When Thirsty Dave asked Scurvy Jane out for the first time, she was 22 and he was 20. The scurvy one said no and the thirsty one asked her out 31 more times. She always refused until she didn’t but there was to be one condition. In order for the date to go ahead, Thirsty Dave had to find out how many reasons she had to respect Paris Hilton. It’s questionable as to how he found out but the answer was 567,992. What’s even more questionable is this guys beard:



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3 thoughts on “Sometimes the question is written all over your face”

  1. Let me guess. You were asked to write a piece that included Bon Jovi, Paris Hilton, 567,992 and a question mark in a brilliant sequence of somehow connected nonsequiturs. Am I right?

    1. Now that would require a degree of talent or at the very least, a coherent mind of sorts. Because I’ve a simple mind, my process is very much a simple one. I start with a picture and then top it off with the nonsense.

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