Sometimes you just have to look down the barrel of a gun

There was nothing unusual about the conversation that day:

Scurvy Jane: How heavy does a chin weigh?
Sugartastic Daddy John: The weight of a chin depends on size, shape and bone structure.
Scurvy Jane: Does a broken jaw make the chin heavier?
Sugartastic Daddy John: Pray tell Scurvy Jane, why the bejaysus does thoust asketh such a question?
Scurvy Jane: Because, if Thirsty Dave doesn’t take his hand off my ass, immediately, he’s going to have a broken jaw.

What happened next was neither funny or clever as Scurvy turned to Thirsty and voiced her opinion in a vociferous way:


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to look down the barrel of a gun”

  1. That gun has either been used a lot or it has been sitting around unused and allowed to get rusty. I hope the latter is the truth.

    1. You’re such a nice person Kathy, hoping that people are not shooting themselves in the face with a gun. The people I associate with, are not at all like you and this is probably a very good thing!

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