Stuck in a Time Warp

Republican New York State Senator Marty Golden,  sent out a promotional flyer inviting women to Refresh Business Etiquette and Social Protocol Skills at a “Polish Professional” workshop which was to be held in his Brooklyn district.

The advertisement, said that women, who attended the workshop, would have the opportunity to learn about “handshakes and introductions” as well as “posture, deportment and the feminine presence.” Golden’s website also promised that the women attendees would be taught to “sit, stand and walk like a model” and “walk up and down a stair elegantly.”

How gracious of him to want to teach dull-minded women the proper way to live and behave. I might be wrong, but either Senator Golden does not own a calendar that goes past the year 1958 or someone gave him a copy of 50 Shades of Grey and forgot to tell him it’s fiction.



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3 thoughts on “Stuck in a Time Warp”

  1. This reminds me of that scene in “A League of Their Own” where this team of talented professional women baseball players is subjected to lessons in how to drink from a teacup and how to walk like ballerinas while balancing books on their heads. They signed up to play ball and got the “charm” lessons thrown in whether they wanted them or not.

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