Study: Media Stigmatizes Crazy Fuckers With Mental Illnesses

[Note: This was written before the shooting in Connecticut, was withheld until now, and was and is not an attempt in any way to diminish what happened in the terrible incident. Relax.]

A recent study in the Journal of Media and Ethics came to a surprising conclusion which accuses the media of stigmatizing crazy fuckers with mental illnesses. The report criticized the media for frequently casting those nutty bastards in a bad light and not treating the wacky maniacs fairly.

From the report:

“Whenever there is a mass shooting of any kind, the media quickly leaps to conclusions about the mental state of the shooter. They immediately start searching to see if there has been any history of mental illness in the suspect’s past. Whenever a serial killer is on the loose, particularly one who fashions suits of his victims’ skin, we commonly have the media searching for a mental health angle. Any time someone on the news is revealed to have bipolar disease, reporters lean back from the subject and make a note of his or her face for what they expect to be an upcoming report about a terribly violent act they will soon commit.”

But according to the study, most unhinged psychos usually just walk around talking to themselves, collecting large numbers of cats, or serving harmlessly in the House of Representatives serving the 6th district of Minnesota and are not of harm to the public at large. In all of my pieces, I maintain a policy of treating those demented fools with dignity at all times.

Psychos are real people, too

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