Text and The City

I heart New York, but face it, the city that never sleeps has its hazards and they’re constantly changing. A decade ago, pedestrian casualties involved cabs and run-ins with their drivers. This week, my New York City travel hazards included Carrie Bradshaw look-alikes and their iPhones. True, I wasn’t dodging bullets— just super models with text messaging addictions mowing me down on the sidewalk. (P.S. They don’t get mad when you use the word “addictions” if it involves electronics and you call them “super models”.) Yes, they were light weights so the collision wasn’t harmful, but you can’t let your guard down. Heads up: Mr. Big with a Blackberry could be just around the corner and concussions and travel don’t mix.



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6 thoughts on “Text and The City”

  1. Even though it’s rare out here in LA, because we all drive, I have run into a few texting and walking and I wait until I’m right next to them and YELL and I mean YELL WATCH OUT in a scary you almost killed me voice. It’s fun just to watch them jump. One day I’ll give someone a heart attack. CAN’T WAIT.

  2. Ah Bill, we could be rich together. Question: If we were heading towards them in our own texting frenzy, would they jump out of the way first or would it be a battle of the fittest texters?

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