That is Some Newspaper

If you’ve ever wanted to know if you’re a lazy son of a Bon Jovi fans, sweaty armpit, you should ask yourself this question: Am I a lazy son of a Bon Jovi fans, sweaty armpit? I know, I should really be a psycho doctor of some sort but I’m not, so just get over it and carry on with your life and read the newspaper. I know, every time you pick up some newspaper, all you read about is ‘some country was bombed’ or ‘some man wants more power & money’ or ‘some country wants more power & money’ but calm your crazy self down for a moment. That’s just some newspaper, it isn’t all of them:

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6 thoughts on “That is Some Newspaper”

  1. I like this newspaper. It’s short to the point and doesn’t leave itself open to crappy reporting like the Huffington Post. Oops, I mean internet newspapers.

    1. I often wonder what it would be like if AOL bought me. Would Thirsty Dave suddenly become a consumer of copious amounts of healthy drinking water?

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