The Brains of Lubbock County, Texas

Tom Head, a Lubbock County, Texas  judge, is pushing for a tax increase for the district attorney’s office and county sheriff’s office to pay for the necessary resources the county would need to battle invaders who  would swoop down on Lubbock County if President Obama wins re-election.

I know this sounds like a bad movie plot, but Judge Head is for real.  He is convinced that a second Obama term would not only throw Lubbock County but the entire country into political unrest. Head, who apparently does not have one atop his shoulders or perhaps  thinks with the wrong one, believes the American people will revolt because Obama will hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations.  The judge doesn’t quite explain why Obama wants to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. but he is certain this will occur, and the United States will have to fight the U.N. forces for control.

Several things surprise me about Judge Head  and his invasion theory:

1. People in Lubbock County believe this man and continue to keep him in office.

2. The people of Lubbock County have failed to understand that the entire invasion by the U.N. sounds like a ruse so a Republican can raise taxes without arousing the suspicion of the conservative constituency because as we all know raising taxes is a Democratic tactic.


3. Judge Head and the people of Lubbock actually believe that if any part of the country were going to be conquered first , it would be Lubbock County which apparently it is the cerebral center of the United States.

There is the potential that Head will get his tax increase, but if Romney is elected and no U.N. invasion is necessary, the money can still go for a good purpose. Someone has to pay for the  clean up for the apocalypse thing in December.

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