The Bristol Palin Show – Have We Not Had Enough?

Bristol Palin has signed on to do a reality show for Lifetime Television. Palin hopes to show the world how difficult life is living in the media spotlight.  I know I am not a genius, but if she wants to avoid being the object of media attention, why is she starring in a reality show?  Ah, the apple does not fall far from the hypocritical family tree.  My vote for a title of the show: Bristol Palin: Like Herpes, She Never Goes Away.

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8 thoughts on “The Bristol Palin Show – Have We Not Had Enough?”

  1. I’m not a religious mocker by any means but if there is any sort of a god out there, please don’t allow this show to reach Ireland.

    1. I saw that article too Eric! HA HA First, Willow needs some serious spelling and grammar lessons. Second, a child reflects her parents’ views. So what does that say? Maybe this will be a bit more entertaining than I thought.

  2. That’s a genius post! I’ve always believed that you can’t complain about something you allow – apparently young Ms. Palin did not get that memo. This show WILL be a dumpster fire….

    1. I just think if the media bothers her so much why doesn’t she just hide out in Alaska? I’m pretty sure it’s a state a lot of people use for just that purpose. I’m tired of hearing it’s because she is a single mother. Can she not get a normal job to support her kid or is it that she thinks she is too good for a normal job?

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