The brutally frank confession of Rian, 28.

I’ve never heard a complete Bon Jovi song. That’s because there is no such thing as a complete Bon Jovi song and it’s also because I have a rare condition that will accidentally cause me to die if I listen to more than 2.45 seconds of one of their so-called songs. Thirsty Dave has never said no to a beer. He talks to his beer, sings to his beer and sleeps with his beer but he’s never said no to it. Jill Y has never figured out how magnets work. This is not surprising as nobody knows how they work and nobody will ever know how they work. Sugartastic Daddy John has never, not married a woman whom he has spoken to. He’s spoken to 457 women and has been married 457 times. Rian, 28, would like to share something with you that he has never done:

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