The day I was told that I wasn’t myself

I walked into the office and was immediately escorted off the premises by 2 guys that I have known for the last 13 years. To make matters worse, I was the best man at one of their weddings and loaned Janet, the money for the operation. I attempted to ask them why they just wouldn’t go away and let me do some work but they wouldn’t even let me speak. My security tag was taken off me and they removed my fingertips and retinas. I knew there was something wrong when my boss of 13 years asked who I was and what I was doing? Those who know me have never seen me in a state where I have ever been stuck for words but no words where forthcoming and I just shook my head in disbelief. I got back in the car, glanced in the mirror and it all started to make sense. The night before, I had went through experimental surgery that actually removed my beard but of course, they weren’t to know this and they thought I wasn’t myself:

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6 thoughts on “The day I was told that I wasn’t myself”

  1. This must be an early alternative to a Brazilian wax job. I’ve heard that the redness from ripping off the mud goes away after a couple of weeks, but the skin cancers caused by the x-rays take much longer!

  2. Ouch! That looks messy and painful.

    I advise sticking to normal shaving, like everyone else. No mess, except for hair getting stuck in the sink drain, which is a whole other story.

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