The difference between a duck and a goose

I like to think of myself as a minor celebrity. I know I’m not in the same league as a postman, milkman or a Kardashian but in my own head, I’m pretty influential in the world of my imagination. Being a minor celebrity brings with it, a sense of responsibility and it’s this responsibility that compels me to tell you the difference between a duck and a goose:

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6 thoughts on “The difference between a duck and a goose”

  1. And I thought all you needed to do was see if they quacked or honked! Now that I realize I prefer ducks, where do I find them? (I’m sorry for asking, since I realize you are not an expert in all things!)

    1. I’m afraid that’s where the well of my knowledge ends. I used to think the well was bottomless but life throws magnets, maths and James Joyce’s Ulysses at you and from there, it’s mass confusion all the way for me!

  2. Thank you, Bill, for this most informative post.

    Now, how do you tell the difference between a Canada Goose and a Christmas Goose?

    1. Oh no, I was afraid this might happening. I find something out, get excited and share it with the world. Then, somebody thinks I know something else and before you know it, I’ll be the worlds 2nd greatest expert on knowing stuff. I’m sorry Kathy, I just don’t know how to tell the difference between a Canada Goose and a Christmas Goose. Have you tried googling it?

    1. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I knew the answer but when I looked at the picture, it was really obvious. The word ‘duck’ is beside the ducks and ‘goose’ is beside the goose!

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