The Elephant in the room

I hold my hands up. I was wrong. It wasn’t a smart thing to do and it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t funny because it was absolutely hilarious but Jill Y and my son who used to look up to me, might disagree. Each afternoon, when Little Dill Y comes home from school, he helps me, help him with his homework. I’m not sure what got into me last night but I thought it would be funny to take his homework out of his bag while he was sleeping and add a bit of creativity to it. As I say, his mother, teacher and his un-amused self don’t really like very me much right now:

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6 thoughts on “The Elephant in the room”

      1. Evaporated milk: one of the things we used to put out on the dormitory window ledge during the winter, in defiance of campus rules to the contrary, so that the cold weather would act as a makeshift refrigerator. We weren’t thinking of recipes. We just wanted some evaporated milk for our instant coffee, which we also made in our rooms, using those little immersion heaters to boil the water. Those were the days!

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