The evolution of Amy’s neck

The evolution of Amy’s neck is something none of us understand. Even though we all want to know the story, we’ll never ask about her femininity or the orchard of Adam’s apples on her neck. Her face has more hair than Rasputin and each morning she jumps into the shower to wash off the testosterone. Her boobs are as prominent as two-horned unicorns who had their boobs removed. I like her because she is the most genuine person I know and with Amy, what you see is always what you get. Due to Thirsty Dave’s preoccupation with drink, we always end up in some bar or club but despite how drunk and totally out of control we get, Amy never changes. She’s so comfortable with every aspect of herself that there are none of the secrets that usually crawl out after copious amounts of alcohol. Amy hasn’t got one malicious bone in her body and has a lot of love for everyone except hipsters and other gullible ‘fashionable’ individuals. If there’s one thing she has no time for, it’s estrogen, make-up and fake hearing aids like this:

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8 thoughts on “The evolution of Amy’s neck”

  1. No more jumping on the fashion-trend bandwagon, I’ve learned my lesson. Two strangers at a hemp festival back in 1997 convinced me that self-castrations were all the rage. I’m still going to therapy for that one. And because of all the giggling and pointing, I can no longer wear Speedos at the beach.

  2. If you can get your wife to believe it, these would be perfect for that little peace and quiet occasionally. “Sorry, I can’t hear you — my hearing aid is turned off!”

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