The Facebook Obituary of American Media

Dear Facebook:

A Hoaxster on your social network recently generated 327,000 likes on a Facebook page that centered on the supposed demise of Bill Cosby. I was wondering if you could ask this social media prankster to establish another obituary page announcing the death of American Media.

While the Bill Cosby death page provided nothing more than “entertainment” for those who read it (unless you are Bill Cosby or his family, of course), an obituary hoax on American media would serve a true purpose. It would put the sensational-hungry, misinformed, grandstanding and biased media pundits on notice–be they the right wing nut jobs from FOX News who still insist President Obama is not a citizen or the “We won’t cover anything that does not fit our liberal agenda” loudmouths of MSNBC. Celebrate their end on a Facebook page and let’s see what the responses would be. 

Maybe this would finally send a message that we miss the days when the media’s one and only purpose was to feed us information – not hit us over the head until we adopt their point of view or become forced to look to E! Television for our news.  Oh, and while he is at it: could the hoaxster also please post the obituary pages for every talk show host who thinks a microphone and a time slot gives him/her/them the right to demand that those who disagree with their politics or opinions should be shunned by the world or perhaps killed by a monster hurricane?

Thank you,

A fed up liberal who still manages to talk to her conservative friends (not the ultra fanatic, religious zealot conservatives, but the ones whose GOP was more about political issues and less about being picked for the Rapture) without the need for a weapon or police intervention.

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2 thoughts on “The Facebook Obituary of American Media”

    1. I am thinking about it Bill. Also, I forgot to voice my disgust with ESPN too. If there were ever a “news”organization with their ethics in the toilet it is them.

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