The Lost Innocence of Scurvy Jane

Scurvy Jane thinks she is better than everyone else and she constantly tells everyone else that she’s constantly better than everyone else. She recently started a gang and now has a lot of like-minded individuals who think they’re better than everyone else and they’re not afraid to use force to get their way. She has a violent streak running through her but every time I look at her, I remember the sweet little girl I grew up with and wonder where it all went wrong:

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11 thoughts on “The Lost Innocence of Scurvy Jane”

  1. I hear tell they’re coming out with companion dolls KKK Katie and Whacky Wally Redneck.

  2. Hey! Some people have Ken and Barbie. The psychopaths have their Adolph and Eva (Braun). AND, they come with cyanide tabs to kill themselves when G.I. Joe and his troops invade their bedroom bunker. Child-proof wrapped of course.

  3. Who makes this toy? What kind of parent gives a child this toy? Tell me this is some warped parent’s idea of a great doll. Does she have Barbie Idi Amins and Barbie Saddam Hussein dolls too?

    1. All massively important questions and I’m not going to lie and pretend I know the answers to any of them because I don’t. I do however, know that Goa is renowned for its world heritage architecture.

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