The Mothers of Invention

My mother and Jill Y’s mother and Sugartastic Daddy John’s mother and Thirsty Dave’s mother and Scurvy Janes’s mother and another couple of other mothers are otherwise engaged every Thursday. They’re an artistic bunch who are into self-expression and freedom of speech. When they have something to say, they say it with a degree of eloquence, not seen since those poxy Teletubbies taught the kids to speak in a language as coherent as Bill Shatner doing a reading from The Bible. Here, through the medium of photography, we see them giving a representation of what they would say if they were offered free tickets to see Bon Jovi:

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8 thoughts on “The Mothers of Invention”

  1. I like these women, too. They are giving the finger to the camera and smiling at the photographer at the same time. I think the motorcycle is cool, too.

  2. Any woman who can flip me the bird, while riding a motor cycle, while wearing heels . . . is my hero!

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