The Mystical 12-12-12

Yes, it is 12/12/12, another day for mystical interpretation.  Because it is a rare event, a lot of people will say their “I Do’s” to take advantage of the good luck associated with the day.  And according to the Chinese, the day is one of harmony and balance as the number one signifies individualism and number two represents balance, so together they have a certain spark of harmony which is particularly nice if you are getting married today.

I love numerology stuff. It fascinates me that digits can hold so much power for some people, but I have my own spiritual take on 12/12/12:

  • It could be a day that literally goes down the crapper considering we are talking about #1 and #2.  What better day to celebrate these bodily functions?


  • For me, today symbolizes that I am way behind on my holiday shopping because of stupid deadlines, so I am a stressed out mess who is tied to her goddamn phone and cannot get anything done, so no one expect Christmas cards this year, and don’t give me grief about it. Happy Freaking Holidays!


  • Only 19 more days to pay some estimated taxes because I fell behind this year putting that money toward luxury items like food and gas.


  • On a lighter note, there is no better day to sing “the 12 days of Christmas”


  • And 12 more days to lose the five pounds I said I would lose before partaking in the Christmas Eve cookie free-for-all, the event which sadly keeps me going the other 11 months and 19 days of the year.  
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2 thoughts on “The Mystical 12-12-12”

  1. There’s no way I can just bypass today and pretend it never happened, is there? I woke up this morning and there was no coffee! That’s right, there was no coffee! This is one horrible world we live in!

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