The Perfect Detergent

Generous Gina Grimshaw wasn’t always a happy woman. According to herself, her friends and her temper, she became unhappy on her wedding day but that’s only because she married her inconsiderate and uncaring husband on that day. As is the case with daily life, stuff happened on a daily basis and this stuff continued on until the evening and right through to the next day. Some people are of the opinion that money makes the world go round but not Generous Gina Grimshaw. Although not rich in material wealth, she was lucky enough to find the perfect detergent:

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Detergent”

      1. … including people who are no longer around to say anything. It was really nice of her to find the perfect product to clean up all her husband’s blood so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed at the police finding a mess. She even found the perfect bag to bury him in. He would be proud of her frugality: none of those expensive coffins.

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