The Toilet King

South Korea has a theme park dedicated to toilets. The focal point of this park is the commode-shaped house of Sim Dae-duck, the founder and first president of the World Toilet Association. Born in his grandmother’s outhouse, Sim came to love all loos and tirelessly spread the word about their hygienic benefits throughout the world.  Although not everyone shared his enthusiastic devotion to waste disposal, no one can deny that when it came to flushing one’s dreams down the toilet, Sim was definitely the porcelain king.

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5 thoughts on “The Toilet King”

  1. I think he is wise to count his blessings every day. Toilets are a blessing. How do I know? Because I have a recurring anxiety dream about them–they are usually elusive or broken or both.

  2. So, if his friends said his house looks like crap is would that be a compliment?? LOL!

      1. I googled this just because I wanted to see the toilet-shaped house.

        Yes, it really exists and it really looks like a toilet.

        Some people are weird, and that guy was one of them. 😉

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