The Way It Is

Not everywhere is the same. There are still remote parts of the world, where those without musical taste, continue to listen to the so-called music of Bon Jovi. We call these people ‘the truly sick’ for they are not truly well. If I was religious and happened to believe in the soul, I would pray for their souls but I’m not religious and don’t believe in the soul so I won’t pray for their souls for I don’t believe in the soul but that’s a cartoon for another day. Speaking of the difference between men and women, may I present to you, the way it is:

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6 thoughts on “The Way It Is”

  1. Once again your wisdom knows no bounds. I would suggest that anyone who touches the guy’s computer saturate their hands with hand sanitizer ahead of time.

    1. Even sadder: I use my machine to play word and puzzle games and for my *gulp* WRITING!!!

    2. I won’t hear a bad word said about Angry Birds but whoever comes up with a game where you use slingshots to launch musical notes at the Bon Jovi pigs, will be on to a winner in my books!

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