Things That Make Me Wonder How We Ever Beat the British

On the BBC News report a reporter was interviewing an individual named Chad who, on his way home from work, decided to film a rather large and destructive tornado in Indiana.

The reporter who seem totally stunned that he[Chad] was out filming and not attempting to seek shelter asked, “Don’t you think you should have stayed at work rather than to risk going home?”

Personally, I was thinking the same thing, however, Chad’s reply, “Well it was either stay at work of try to get home and ride it out in my basement.”

After which the British report replied, “I’ve been to the United States and I’ve noticed that all of your homes tend to be made of wood; most of which can be hauled onto a pickup truck and moved when necessary?   Would you not consider 120 mile-per-hour winds necessary?”

Completely fascinated by the large tornado heading toward him, I guess Chad wasn’t listening to the reporter because his reply, “Yes, most of these homes are wood and built to withstand 60-70 miles-per-hour winds and seem to hold up pretty well.

The gob smacked reporter then questioned, “Don’t you think it would make sense to build homes in this area of brick rather than wood?”

His reply, “Most have rock-solid brick foundations so they are relatively safe and built to last 20 to 30 years.”

His film footage showed mass destruction of splintered wooden homes, most of which were unrecognizable; however, the brick foundations were still intact.   Point proven Chad!   On behalf of the general public and the BBC New we present Chad with the DA of the Week Award!  You’ve got to respect the common sense of the BBC news.

Serious Note:  My heart and prayers go out to all who’ve been killed, injured and crippled by the recent cell of devastating storms.  People, if there is a severe weather warning PLEASE stay where you are and take immediate shelter.  Don’t go out and film or drive or do impromptu on the road interviews to the BBC, ABC, etc.   Thank you!

To hear the entire interview click on the link below and scroll down the second news video.

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4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Wonder How We Ever Beat the British”

    1. Yeah and generally resistant to tornado. And wolf proof according to at least one little pig! 😉

  1. This is a good point! I have lived in Kansas nearly 60 years but have yet to be in a tornado (that I know of). My sister moved to Kentucky twenty year ago and her house has been hit twice! My house is now constructed of concrete “boards” that hold paint better and should withstand a tornado better than wood, if it is ever necessary.

    1. I remember when I worked on a cattle ranch in Kansas our bunkhouse was constructed of cinderblocks and concrete. It wasn’t pretty, but I sure as hell felt safe in it!

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