Ticking Off Restaurant Help

A banker in Newport Beach, California, left a server, who waited on him during lunch, a 1% tip on a $133 bill in support of his position as a member of the top 1 % in the country and in protest of the other 99%. If this “message” was not enough, the out-of-touch financial snob left the waitress  a note on the check as well.  He circled the word “Tip” and wrote next to it, “Get a Real Job.”  While this guy’s signature is illegible, I am sure his true identity will be known not only in California but throughout the nation and he will become internet famous.  This guy proves that you don’t have to be smart to get rich. I hope this man enjoyed this last meal because from now on whenever he goes out to dine, he will have to wonder how many  servers without real jobs spit in his food.


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