To a Piece of Fruit

(Sung to the tune of “My Darling Clementine”)

Would you eat this if you could have a Godiva chocolate bar?
Would you eat this if you could have a Godiva chocolate bar?

Little round fruit,
Little round fruit,
Little fruit called Clementine
You are sour
To devour
But you’re healthy, Clementine

Verse 1
Saw the doctor
And he told me
That my blood sugar was high.
If you please
Said the doctor with a sigh.

Verse 2
It’s the holidays
Pastries everywhere
Sugar cookies, chocolate chip
How I love ‘em
But can’t have ‘em
So they do not pass my lip.

Verse 3
Want a Snickers
Or a Milky Way
Or a muffin sweet and fat
Coffee cake with
Jam and butter
But I can’t and that is that

Verse 4
Here I sit and
Watch the others
Scarfing sweets that should be mine
While I eat this
Freakin’ fruit mess
That they call a Clementine

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8 thoughts on “To a Piece of Fruit”

  1. I don’t know what a Godiva chocolate bar is but I have a sneaky feeling that it’s a thing of beauty so Yes, I would eat the clementine, swiftly and without thought!

    1. Godiva is a brand of very good quality chocolates that are sold all over the place here, sometimes in specialty stores. The most beautiful thing about Godiva chocolates is how they taste while going over the tongue and down the esophagus.

  2. Holiday food has no calories or sugar. And if you clap your hands and say I believe, I believe . . it’ll come true, eh or maybe not. Fun one Kathy!

    1. Of course, holiday food has no calories or sugar. Whatever you eat at the movies is okay, too, and cookies don’t count if they are broken.

      Those are the rules.

    1. I would never destroy a beautiful piece of fruit that way!

      I would only dip it in REAL chocolate.


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