Triangle Scheme

Some time ago, I was presented an opportunity and became a member of a particular group. The group has a lot of really successful members and they want me to be a success, too! There are a lot of them who wear the finest silk threads and are so well off that they practically live in their own country! And there’s a guy way above them even who has a golden driveway and even has a throne! In this day and age and this down economy – anyone with a throne is totally kicking ass! But I’ve never met any of those guys, and no one has ever met the founder. But I keep going to the weekly meetings. Everyone chips in whatever cash they have and although the product isn’t very useful or believable, they say that there WILL be a big payoff in the end. So they want us to keep going out and recruiting new members. The longer I stick around and the more recruits I bring on board, the more the group really gets behind me! My friends have told me that it’s a pyramid scheme, but the members tell me that terrible things are going to happen to my friends and that I should not listen to them. When I asked if we were a pyramid scheme, I was told that it was really more of a “triangle scheme”.

That’s it. Tomorrow I’m telling my priest that I’m not coming back.

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