What do Glenn Beck and James Dean have in common? Still nothing.

Glenn Beck has kind of been out of the spotlight for some time since his Fox News show went off the air in 2011. Many of us have been patiently dreading waiting for some sort of comeback, especially in this year’s heated election, but who would have thought that the thing that would bring him back into the mainstream would be blue jeans?

That’s right. Glenn Beck is now attempting to be a fashion designer with his own line of 1791 jeans.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK5m5Jfv9QA?feature=player_detailpage&w=580&h=300]

Beck actually has his heart in the right place, with the aim to keep blue jeans “made in America.” However, the jeans cost like $129, which is hardly a blue-collar price.

The commercial, featuring a hot sweaty man with scruff on his face, definitely conjures up images of the all-American male you’d love to see in blue jeans. However, in said commercial, the not-so-smart man launches a rocket on a sheet of ice. That makes about as much sense as Beck launching a line of jeans in the first place. Shouldn’t he have done a series of chalkboards?

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