When I die

When I die and am no longer living and people look back over my kingdom, I’ll be remembered for very little. Sure, I’ll be remembered for Bon Jovi hatred and for the length of my penis but that just means I won’t be remembered for anything small. When I die, I want to be remembered for the many debates I shared with Jill Y about how mad, German Director of films, Werner Herzog was, when he worked with German Actor of films, Klaus Kinski. When I die, I want to be remembered as a father who not only encouraged his son to think outside the box, but to use the correct postage and packaging and send the box to another country. When I die, I want the world to know that I was honest enough to admit that I didn’t understand why Alexandra’s class congratulated to Tyronhe and Danisha for being black teens:

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4 thoughts on “When I die”

  1. Being a black teen is an accomplishment? I thought they were just kind of born that way and had nothing to say about it — you know — like being a white teenager. Same thing. We tend to look like our parents. As much as I love getting flowers, I don’t think I’d appreciate someone giving me a floral arrangement just for being a middle-aged white woman.

    I’ll bet Alexandra is that idiotic looking girl in the green tee shirt and glasses, and I’ll bet this was all her idea. I’ll also bet that, as soon as this picture was taken, the two kids in the middle showed their appreciation by shoving those flowers in her face, burlesque style.

    1. Well congrats on getting all that from one picture. I’d have to agree, the green tee shirt girl must be Alexandra. She gives off a certain glow of something. She just looks like she’s really happy with her award giving out skills.

  2. And they got flowers for this? And they weren’t insulted for this recognition which seems sort of obvious. Only proves all awards are rigged.

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