When Parents Suck

Levi Johnston is planning on selling information and pictures of his new baby who he will name “Breeze Beretta” (after the gun, of course) to media outlets.  The ex-boyfriend of Bristol Palin hopes that the tabloids will pay a hefty sum for the photos which will allow him to re-cushion his depleted bank account that became padded when he impregnated the teenage daughter of Sarah Palin. However, since the mother-to-be of this child is not anyone famous, the media is not nearly as eager to loosen their purse strings as they were the first time around, so Levi might have to resort to finding a job to support his growing family, and this sort of ticks him off.

Octomom, who recently filed for bankruptcy and needs money to support her 14 children, has signed on to be a stripper at a club in West Palm Beach, Florida. The eight-night topless gig (why men are so interested in seeing these breasts that have fed so many so often is beyond me) will help her promote her porn video which she also recently made to bolster her sagging bank account.

Can someone remind me again why it’s bad to sterilize people?


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