Who Can Save the Girl Scouts?

Last year, two sisters who were Girl Scouts tried to boycott the organization because they felt they promoted a “feminist” and “pro-abortion” agenda.  You can read a humor piece on this by  Eric Hetvile here.  Recently, another Girl Scout wants to boycott the organization’s cookie drive because the Girl Scouts have allowed a transgender child to join a troop. What is up with the Girl Scouts? This organization, whose goals are to teach young women about character, honor, acceptance, tolerance and strength, has apparently given themselves over to Satan with their liberal agenda if you listen to the people who support the boycott.   Who can save the Girl Scouts and return them to their original Christian values?  Troop Tim Tebow?

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2 thoughts on “Who Can Save the Girl Scouts?”

  1. What happened to the good ol’ Girl Scout days when the only important thing was selling fattening cookies and flirting with Boy Scouts.

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