Who Deserves To Die?

It was interesting the amount of people “of faith” who really seemed to take delight in Whitney Houston’s death. She basically “got what she had coming to her” since she was or had been a drug addict and “what did you expect?”

And yet I did not hear anything like this when Dale Earnhardt crashed into a wall and died as a result of many years of aggressive driving at high speeds.

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3 thoughts on “Who Deserves To Die?”

  1. In her 48 years on this planet, Whitney Houston did more to make the world a better place for all of us than her detractors could hope to accomplish in 80 years. She was a great artist, and anyone who blames her for being an addict and thinks she deserved a death sentence for it does not understand the nature of addiction, which is a disease. Jesus had strong words for people who are judgmental of other people, telling them that the same measure they used to judge others would be used against them.

    1. I agree Kathy, but addiction is not a blameless disease. She caused so much pain to others as do all addicts and I think they need to take responsibility for all the peripheral hurt their addictions cause. Sometimes their collateral damage is worse than their addiction.

  2. That is exactly right. A life lost is a life lost. I hate when people delight in someone’s death. I think it’s a mechanism to take away the sad emotions. Or some people are just plain mean.

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