Who Should You Date?

Jill Y is a realist and constantly tells me that she’s too good for me and she’s massively right. How she puts up with me and my juvenile ways, I’ll never know. I love that woman so much and would be lost without her. Lately though, her realism has been rubbing off on me and I’ve started to think about what to do when she eventually leaves me for a grown up who doesn’t have the 54,981 faults that I have. I’ve been wondering about the type of woman I should date and have narrowed it down to three:

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8 thoughts on “Who Should You Date?”

  1. Bill older women don’t notice faults if you’re good in bed . . . 😉

  2. Well, thank God you are in a committed relationship because all these women sound really scary right now! So, take Jill Y out for a really romantic dinner and say, “Damn, I am lucky!”

    1. I second this, of course.

      But if any man really has to make a choice, I think we older women rock!

    2. I am damn lucky and I am a romantic guy. One time I was meeting Jill Y for lunch and I got there early. She was just getting to the door when that so-called music of Bon Jovi came seeping through the speakers, ready to infect like a bubonic plague. Rather than have her infected, I put my foot through the speakers. Who here among us can dare say that that wasn’t romantic?

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