Why is my sperm so powerful?

Thirsty Dave is a powerful man. We’re not talking about physical strength although it did take 4 barmen to remove him from the barman who foolishly told him that the bar was closed. The thirsty one’s strength lies in his sperm. Like most men who are afraid to go to the Doctor and ask the real questions, he chose to ask the internet:

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4 thoughts on “Why is my sperm so powerful?”

  1. Dave needs to take a little bit of that strength of his and put it into his brain.

        1. If you knew Thirsty Dave, you’d know what I meant. If you were to put a pair of earplugs in the thirsty ones ears and a pair of earplugs on the ears of a wall, there’s a very good chance that the wall will be the first to react to the lack of sound. 😉

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