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I while back a friend of mine suggested that computers make people better writers. Agree?

I would certainly say that with spell check and other word processing features a computer can make the mechanics of writing easier. However, in terms of perspective, the expressing of emotions, or any concept that the writer wants to convey how much help is the computer really?

As legend has it, William Shakespeare wrote with a quill and parchment. The typewriter was a long way off from his time and so was a reliable pen for that matter. Suffice it to say that the modern computer with word processing was a device Shakespeare could never have imagined.

Since my friend was so insistent that the computer greatly improves the skill of the writer I gave him a little challenge. Being that my friend had at his disposal this wondrous word producing machine it follows that his advantage over Shakespeare was immense. It should have been no problem for him to knockout another Hamlet or Macbeth by the next Monday. So, I asked him to do it.

My friend’s response was to act as if he didn’t understand the premise of my point.

I rest my case.

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5 thoughts on “Write On!”

  1. I have heard people say that the computer can make anyone a writer. There are programs for screenplays, comedy, horror etc. Well, a computer might make it easier to format “works” but it can’t deliver the imagination and talent. I know English teachers everywhere are cringing because they are one of the fiercest proponents that anyone can learn to write. Maybe technically, but I still think some talent is involved.

    1. You not only need a special talent to write creatively, you have to have a real need to write. It has to be something within you that you can’t ignore.

      1. Oh … and I don’t think a computer would have made Shakespeare write even better than he did. A genius like him could write masterpieces using a rock and a chisel.

    2. Yes Donna,
      I’m sure it depends on what kind of writer we are talking about as well. Similar programs exist for music production etc. My experience in production work is that people with backgrounds working with equipment do better with the programs than people learning the craft from programs to start. It’s kind of like learning to drive with a manual transmission, when the switch is made to automatic a better understanding of what the car is trying to do make for better drivers.

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