2013 Sports Year in Limericks


In the N’awlins Superdome this year
The Ravens and the Niners were there
The power went off
Fans started to scoff
A conspiracy by Goodell, hear, hear!

Manti Te’o had a girlfriend, quite witty
But sadly she died, this Miss pretty
She inspired the Domers
Brought tears to those homers
Turns out she was a never was, such a pity!

A biker named Lance
Won many events in La France
Went on Oprah to admit
His wins weren’t legit
Expecting forgiveness, perchance?

Alex Rodriquez is said to be cheat us|
Doping, denying while wearing Adidas
Wants to be paid, that be his wish
Suing all baseball, even the commish
By denying his millions – “Elitist.”

Rutgers coach Mike Rice was a bully, quite loud
Threw balls at his players, not proud

He yelled and he fussed
He was taped while he cussed
In Jersey, this draws nary a crowd.

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Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant both have knees
Unfortunately, they don’t get to twist as they please
After months of rehabbing
From pains that are stabbing
It’s back under the knife, oh my geez.

Richie Incognito made the news
For bullying and N-word tossing, you choose
He got dropped from the Fins

Who were struggling for wins
But there’s no more Jon Martin to abuse.

Auburn and Bama played the Iron Bowl
Game coming down to one last goal
Saban called for a kick
Which Chris Davis ran back quick
In Saban’s sock he dropped… lump of coal

Happy 2014, everyone!!


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3 thoughts on “2013 Sports Year in Limericks”

  1. Kathy, do you think any limericks can be turned into operas, or vice versa?

    There was once a Count of Almaviva
    Who lived overlooking the riva’
    The count wore a disguise
    He had wealth without wise
    Pretty Rosina with he wanted to liv-a

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