Zombie sing-a-long

By: Randy Salgado

‘Tis the season to be zombified, either by The Walking Dead or after a hit-and-run by a soccer mom on a mission of hate after losing a game to a misfit band of ten-year-olds, so let’s chow down on a bucket of thumbs and celebrate with a little zombie poetry. Oh yes, I went there.


Though our hearts are pulled asunder
Through our fights and many blunders

This is what you ought to know
Before you burn my stuff and go

You want to know what’s in my head?
I left it for you under the bed.

Zombie sing-along

Just a little zombie verse
They come around when you’ve been cursed

They pop up when the end is near
And hope they catch you by the ear

As they nibble, they’ll be hummin’
On your intestines, they’ll be strummin’

And sing about the one that fled
But luckily they kept his head

Slightly moldy

Two hearts beat as though as one
Dried and putrid but more fun

No one could ever argue with
As zombies share lovers kiss

Slightly moldy, missing toes
The love between them always grows

Chin up, zombie singletons!

There is no law that the brokenhearted
Must be withered, and thus departed

For those who loved and then had lost
May find again at any cost

A heart so true, they’re quick to heal
And gain themselves a tasty meal

Love’s Sweet Pickle

It’s the little things that mean so much
Like toes and fingers, eyes and such

But search within for love’s sweet call
As zombies stagger, trip and fall

They don’t give up, though heads are fickle
A zombie’s heart is love’s sweet pickle.

Eyebrows fried are quite a dish

Eyebrows fried are quite a dish
They make the other zombies wish

That they had someone to admire
While they stay away from fire

The daring of a zombie male
Competes as other zombies pale

In feats of stumbling to and fro
In love matters this they know

That hearts are fragile as they feel
They are the finest zombie meal

Just a little bit closer

Stiffness comes not from the bones
Nor from our thoughts when we’re alone

It comes when we are separated
From our loved ones, we are gated

To stand apart and watch them live
And ask their beating hearts to give

One glance our way, one stolen kiss
One tiny finger they won’t miss

We cannot reach them, no not yet
But one day soon, those brains we’ll get.

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