A board game where everyone starts and ends as losers

During the holiday season, we get inundated with commercials and advertisements for gift ideas.

I caught a commercial for the Logo Board Game on television the other day, which is just what it sounds like: a board game based on one’s knowledge of brands.


The above commercial strangely feels like two commercials in one—one for Ford, the other for this lame party game. It also feels a bit like we’re all being brainwashed by the folks at Spin Master Games, like this board game is the Kool-Aid to some sort of larger plan. Don’t drink it, party-goers! Jolly Green Giant is people!

As if we aren’t overwhelmed with product placement already, now for $24.99, we can entertain ourselves with our knowledge of brands over wine and cheese.


My question is does anyone actually enjoy playing this game? And is it really necessary to shell out money to name things around your house?

I also question what kind of trivial talent this game actually measures. In the grander scheme of things, all of the winners of these games just mean the world is losing.

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