A Curse From The Other Book Of Genesis

By: fictures

My wife and I are bowling. Despite my best efforts at sly, psychological tricks (“Do you inhale or exhale before you release the ball?”) I lost the last game by three. But I’m up by twelve as we enter the final frame of this game. I step up to the ball-rack confidently, knowing I’ve got this game in the bag. When the Phil Collins song Easy Lover starts pounding out of the speakers, I do a little dance. It’s a sign that all is well in the world.

I take two steps forward, unleash the ball, and watch it veer into the gutter.

Okay, no biggie. I’ve got another turn. And, I’m still up by twelve.

I reach down and retrieve another ball. I saunter up to lane, singing along with Phil:

“She’ll get a hold on you believe it.”

I roll another gutter ball.

My wife steps up to the ball rack. I stroll back to the seats, secure in the knowledge that the game is still mine. Even if my wife knocks down all ten pins on her two rolls, I’ll still beat her by two.

“She’ll take your heart but you won’t feel it.”

My wife rears back, swings her arm, and lets loose the ball. I watch it roll perfectly down the center of the lane.

A strike.

Followed by a nine, producing a ten-point defeat for Yours Truly.

“Before you know it you’ll be down on your knees.”

This is all Phil Collins’ fault.

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