A solution to obesity

Along with trimming my ever-expanding stomach after the excesses of an excessive Christmas, I’m trying to trim my bitter resentment for everything that moves and everything that doesn’t. Visiting the gym will take care of my physical condition but no gym can remove the sound of the so-called music of Bon Jovi from the realms of society and make the world a more bearable proposition. It is for this reason, I am building a spaceship. If Bon Jovi are to remain on this planet then Bill Y is not. As I prepare to leave this forsaken place, I leave you with a solution to obesity:


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8 thoughts on “A solution to obesity”

  1. The fact that the dangling doughnut is torturing a Red Wings fan makes it even funnier! Go Flyers!

    P.s. Don’t leave we would miss you bashing Bon Jovi.

    1. Now I’m not about to get Yself involved in some backhand shot at some team but that’s only because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      It’s such a tough decision. I know somebody has to take down Bon Jovi but it’s such time-consuming work. Oh okay, I’ll stay for now then!

  2. Are you drving the spaceship? If not, I would like to apply for that job. I think I would be a good spaceship driver and get to see the sights as well. How do I apply?

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