About Nothing


About Nothing: A novel that literally leave its readers speechless

By Deb Martin-Webster


Sometimes I love to stare into space and think of nothing – absolutely nothing. Thinking about nothing can be more interesting than doing nothing. Once there was a time when nothing had a bad name, i.e. “Hey, what’s up?” To which one would reply, “Nothing.” “What do you mean nothing?” “I mean nothing, nothing’s up.” “Oh, okay. Nothing’s okay I guess, nothing is cool.” And so on and so on.

My book about nothing is just that – nothing. If you attempt to make something out of nothing, you will fail. Because nothing-from-nothing-leaves-nothing. So why bother.

Some people make much ado about nothing, and look where it gets them. On second thought that one worked out pretty well for Shakespeare, but I digress.

I might also add that nothing in this book is interesting. Perhaps you might find something interesting in it but it would be a fluke, so I doubt you will. Nothing is consistent. Reader should read nothing into this book. Or perhaps you have nothing better to do. And, when nothing else will do . . . read my book, About Nothing. You will find nothing you like in it and you’ll have nothing but wasted time on your hands after reading it. This I guarantee.

Sample Chapter Titles

Chapter 1 – Nothing of the Sort

Chapter 2 – Nothing’s Free

Chapter 3 – Nothing to Brag About

Chapter 4 – Nothing Can Become of It

Chapter 5 – Nothing but the Best

Chapter 8 – Nothings Wrong

Chapter 9 – Nothing at All

Chapter 10 – Nothing Left to Say


I hope you enjoyed my book preview. The book and the aforementioned chapters in this book are copyrighted, so don’t even think about stealing it or I’ll file a lawsuit and sue you for everything you have;  leaving you with nothing – except this book, About Nothing.






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