Am I original yet?

Originality is not something we see every day. What we do see every day is the same old bland Bon Jovi and the next up and coming, wannabe, bland Bon Jovi with their color by numbers, predictable songs about losing your heart to a gorgeous heart breaker who hasn’t got a heart of gold or a dude from the wrong side of the tracks who wakes up one day, has a shave and becomes Adele. Sure, it’s cool to be me with my bitter resentment for all that is bad and I’m massively aware that I’m about as original as a rom-com starring someone from Saturday Night Live. I may not have a clue about how to be original but I do know how not to be:


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8 thoughts on “Am I original yet?”

  1. Not original at all!! I have that same purse . . . Oh wait, you were talking about Lady GaGa?

  2. This may be original, but it probably isn’t authentic! I think being authentic guarantees you will be unique and that is original enough for me. BTW, originally, we were all naked.

  3. So what happened here? Pan was committing suicide by jumping from a 10th floor motel room to evade an attempted rape by a horny Centaur and landed on Lady GaGa’s head?

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