And The Extremist Of The Year Award Goes To…

By: John Beagle

An Islamic extremist in Syria was recently holding a press conference of sorts. He stood before a group of people, holding the severed head of some very unlucky person. This, of course, was intended to show the enemy what a terrifying bad-ass he was. It was all “Ooh, look at this, I’m all man and you should be soooo scared of me.”

Someone in the crowd filmed the event and stuck it up on YouTube. Among the people who watched the video was a fellow Islamic extremist. This viewer belonged to the same group as the beheader guy. And he had something quite surprising to reveal:

He recognized the head. It belonged to a guy who was a member of their own group. Well, to be more accurate, he used to be.

This episode is relevant to people in America as well. It’s a perfect example of what the Tea Party is doing to the GOP.

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