Area 51 and the Kardashians

The Kardashians went on a special family expedition to Area 51 in search of aliens.  According to an anonymous source, the family was terrified in the secret facility when they discovered unearthly beings staring at them. Fortunately, before chaos and panic ensued, their tour guide explained that while there are no aliens on the premises,  there are full length mirrors in the ladies room.


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5 thoughts on “Area 51 and the Kardashians”

  1. I know at least one of them is engaged to an alien. Kanye West is not of this world!!

    1. I always thought the Kardashians were spaced out!

      (I am one of those people who always manages to think of something witty after the fact.)

  2. Ah I get it. I’s funny because they looked in the mirrors and seen themselves and it was in Area 51 where the aliens are and stuff? Okay, I’ll stop now! 😉

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