Awesome Me

Some people don’t bother telling you how awesome they are, for fear of looking stupid. I have no fear of this for looking stupid is one of the few free things we have left. Most of you already know how awesome I am but some of you might have been watching Breaking Bad from the beginning again or reading a book on the influence of the bilateral vagotomy on the acetylcholinesterase activity (AChE) in the neurons of the bulbous part of the reticular formation of albino rats. Before we go any farther, I will NOT be taking questions on my athletic activity so don’t even go there:


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12 thoughts on “Awesome Me”

  1. You should make the Guinness Book of World Records as the man who started the most number of rebellions in one day.

    Yes, you are awesome.

    Can you run more than 5 miles per hour? You’re doing a lot better than I can do!

    1. You would think that I would get bored because everyone keeps on telling me how awesome I am but it never grows old! I rock! A man in my position needs to be able to run very fast because the cops can run very fast!

  2. Such rebellion Bill! I applaud you and your use of acetylcholinesterase activity in a humor piece!

    1. I think we can all learn from this dude. I’m not exactly sure what we can learn but I’m sure it’s something!

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